Research links and further information

Some of the books referred to in The Smallest Kingdom are listed in the references section. Many scientific and popular articles were also consulted on-line or in libraries. Particularly useful sources were Veld & Flora, the magazine of the Botanical Society of South Africa , and Curtis’s Botanical Magazine.   Botanicus is a rich and readily accessible depository of old publications.

Museums, libraries and other institutions

Historical material was tracked down in a variety of institutions. The State Library of New South Wales, for example, holds an important collection of correspondence between Francis Masson and Joseph Banks. The Linnean Society
holds more Masson material. The Uppsala University Museum ("collections") houses Thunberg’s plant collection. Other significant herbaria are at Kew and at the Natural History Museum.

Other sources included:

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Courtauld Institute

Iziko Museums of Cape Town    

Library of Parliament of South Africa

Marianne North Gallery


National Library of South Africa

National Portrait Gallery

Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh

Royal Horticultural Society (RHS)

Victoria and Albert Museum

Wellcome Collection



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